Thursday, July 23, 2009

Basic Business Acumen

Posted by Lisa-Marie Sanders

I should’ve known better. Nonetheless, after 25 years of business and entrepreneurial experience, I violated a fundamental principle of agreements: get it in writing. When a quilt shop owner invited me to promote my book ( as the featured item in her booth for AQS Knoxville Expo, I was so excited I allowed my emotions to override reason. Over the three week planning horizon, the agreement changed so many times it ultimately became untenable. I’m saddened by the lost opportunity, but I am hoping that you can learn from my mistake and avoid similar pain in the future.

Three basic tenets to remember when selling your art or entering into any agreement:
1. Define your goals in advance (what you hope to achieve, what you will provide, what you require as consideration/compensation, etc.)
2. Clarify expectations (mutual responsibilities, time lines, communication)
3. Get it in writing

I find that I learn (and remember) the most from difficult circumstances and, for that reason, I am thankful for this situation. I hope you can also benefit from this lesson learned.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Playing with Molding Paste

At a recent Dirty Dozen meeting, Ruth Anne showed us a ton of cool ways to use a variety of gel mediums. I was especially intrigued with the molding paste, so I came home and began to play with it. The results are fairly subtle in this first piece. In it, I used sequin waste as a stencil for the paste. Once it was dry, I painted the entire piece.

The green piece utilized needlepoint canvas as a stencil, and produced very good results.

I learned one thing: when it comes to molding paste, more is better. The subtle images that I attempted with stamps and such didn't show up very well.

BTW, both of these fabrics were painted with matte medium, before anything else was done.

This was a lot of fun, and I'll definitely try it again!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Goldfish Blues

Posted by Dij Pacarro.
I created this collage using Susan Carlson's "Free Style Quilts" technique. It was fun gathering just the right fabrics to make him fanciful yet lifelike. I covered everything with dark purple tulle before quilting, which gives it an underwater feel.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What I'm Made Of

from Martha Wolfe
As part of your membership in the Dirty Dozen, you need to create a representational, self portrait. Being a fairly new member, I am working to complete mine for our upcoming show in October (more details soon!).

The technique I have been using lately for representational images is pretty simple. Starting with a photo (in this case, not the best, but an interesting one), I open it in Photoshop and use one of the stock filters---in this case I used "Cutout", then played with the number of levels and the edge settings until I got an image I felt I could collage successfully.

The collage is all raw edge with machine applique. I chose batiks, because the variegation in color makes the image look more alive. The striped shirt will be a challenge! Here is the work in progress.