Monday, October 14, 2013

More pictures

A few more pictures from our meeting.

DDFA monthly meeting Extra Good!

Our monthly meeting was very interesting and had wonderful Show & Tell.  Gabriele's new Witch Quilt was a winner.  Bev had two piece of rust dyed fabric in deep gold tones and a ice dyed quilt in jewel colors, beading and black thread outlines of flowers and leaves.  Terri, our guest, showed several small quilts with thread painting and great used of colored pencils.  Jill had used her fabric from last month to create covers for ipads.
Ellen's three small quilts had entertaining stories and two were very different from her usual work.

Ellen presented a

excellent program on Photo inspiration.  Several members had photos and the final quilt.
It was very helpful to see the steps and work that went into many quilts that had begun with a great photo.
Thank you Ellen, I will benefit from this detailed journey  of many of you lovely quilts.