Thursday, October 8, 2009

Match the Dirty Dozen Artists

by Martha Wolfe

(L to R) Dij Pacarro, Lisa-Marie Sanders, Jill Brown, Peggy Horsfield, Paula Furgason, Bev O'Connell, Ellen Lindner, Martha Wolfe,
Barbara Bilbo, Irene Watson, Ruth Anne Parker.
Missing from photo, Elizabeth King

Our 6th Annual Exhibit opened on Saturday with a wonderful, well attended reception! The show features over eighty unique fiber art works by the 12 artists, including the Swedish Cafe photo challenge and a "Group Therapy" project building from surface texture techniques taught by Ruth Anne.

If you haven't enjoyed the exhibit yet, it will be continuing through the end of October. As you enter, you'll find the artists' self-portraits hanging on your right. How well do you think you could match the artists with their portrait? Try your luck!